Cultural Heritage Preservation


By Decision No. 325/28.06.2012 of the Sofia Municipal Council, the Conservation of Immovable Cultural Heritage Dept in the structure of the Municipal Institute of Culture «Sofia History Museum» is entitled to carry out any activities relating to the preservation of the immovable cultural heritage. The Department has 3 sections:

  • Conservation and Restoration of Immovable Cultural Property
  • Immovable Cultural Heritage Research, Evaluation and Scientific Records
  • The Monument to the Unknown Soldier

According to the Rules for the Structure and Activity of the Municipal Institute of Culture «Sofia History Museum», Article 7 (3), the activities relating to the conservation and presentation of immovable cultural property ​​include:

  • Discovering, researching, documenting and reporting of any Cultural Monuments/Cultural Property ​​(CM/CP) in order to ensure their legal protection. Submitting motivated proposals to the National Institute of Immovable Cultural Heritage (NIICH) and to the National Council for the Conservation of Immovable Cultural Heritage (NCCICH) with the Ministry of Culture in relation to any status changes.
  • Participation in the development of general and detailed development plans and guidelines for the design and implementation of conservation and restoration works;
  • Preparation and implementation of projects and programs with community, national and international significance, including EU projects and programs;
  • Evaluating Immovable Cultural Heritage (ICH) sites owned by the Sofia Municipality or located on its territory;
  • Management and conservation of CM/CP sites granted by the Sofia Municipality;
  • Keeping, filling and maintaining scientific and documentary archives for CM/CP sites in Sofia (Sofia Municipality);
  • Wistleblowing any illegal actions aginst the protection of National Archeological Heritage sites;
  • Awarding and signing contracts for research and project activities, implementation of Conservation and Restoration Works (CRW), and for construction and repair works; provision and delivery of equipment for CM/CP sites;
  • Procedures for CRW implementation, rentals or concessions;
  • Preparation and implementation of specific technologies relating to the protection, and follow up on design solutions, technologies and CRW implementation;
  • Coordinating designer/contractor activities in relation to CRW implementation, state acceptance committees and permit procedures for the use of NCH sites;
  • Activities related to the operation, maintenance and repairs of NCH sites which the Sofia Municipality has entrusted to third parties for site management;
  • Reference materials and consultancy offered to the mass media, university students, graduate students, citizens, etc.;

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