Educational Programs

One of the main priorities of the Sofia History Museum is to establish and implement educational programs and projects involving children, young people school and university students. The aim is to reinforce the historical memory and continuity in various age groups and nurture a positive attitude toward the cultural and historical heritage sites in Sofia and the region.

'Proud to be a Bulgarian' Project:

This project was developed by the Sofia History Museum and is intended for school-age children and adolescents. It is a walking tour of three closely spaced historical sites in the downtown area of the Capital: the underground archaeological site below the St. Sofia Basilica, the Memorial Tomb of Alexander I of Battenberg, and the Museum Exhibition for National Reconciliation. A professional guide leads the tour which usually takes place in groups of at least 10 people after а telephone appointment - the phone number is 983 52 35, Mrs. Erina Krasteva.

The tour is organized all year-round.

The price for taking part in this project is BGN 2.00 per student.




'Practice for University Students' Project of the Ministry of Education and Science

The Sofia History Museum is a registered employer under this project. Both Bachelor and Master's degree students can take part, provided that they are specializing in a major subject that is appropriate for the advertised positions. The goal is for the students to be immersed in a real working environment related to the areas they study in order to further develop and improve their practical skills through a 240-hour internship program. Read more about the project and how you can participate in it here.
You can apply any time throughout the year.




The Sofia History Museum is participating in this project with the following two programs:

Archaeology Program – including:

  • Involvement in archeological excavations, performing various specialized archaeological activities such as graphic representations, exposure of archaeological materials, photographic documentation, taking archaeological field records and keeping a field log book, working with specialized equipment, etc.
  • Scientific research work, including some technical work on the auxiliary scientific materials collected in the Archaeology Fund, project work, etc.;
  • Museum activities relating to the preparation of exhibitions and supporting work on museum collections;
  • Tour guide practice and familiarization with the features and historical context of the archaeological site, tombs, and foundations of three earlier churches under the St. Sofia Basilica.



Tour Guide Practice Program – including:

  • Tour guide services offered at the archaeological site under the St. Sofia Basilica - discuss topics, communicate with visitors (both Bulgarian and foreign citizens) and make them familiar with the features and historical context of the museum complex, using a more understandable and popular language as appropriate for the various guest groups;
  • Tour guide services offered at the Memorial Tomb of Alexander I of Battenberg – delivering lectures the life and work of Prince Alexander I of Battenberg adapted for children and adults;
  • Tour guide services offered at the Museum Exhibition for National Reconciliation – delivering lectures to groups of children: the objective is to introduce school-age visitors to the general atmosphere of the site;
  • Exhibition arrangement and museum activities;

Scientific research work - explore the features and become familiar with the historical context of the sites under the administrative jurisdiction of the Sofia History Museum to better position them on the cultural map of the Capital.




Kids Fair

The Sofia History Museum annually takes part in the Kids Fair organized by the "Easyart" Foundation in June and September. The aim is the kids to participate in various workshops and visits to cultural and historical sites in the Capital over two consecutive days. Lectures intended for children are delivered at the archaeological site under the St. Sofia Basilica, followed by entertaining surveys with prizes.

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