01 March 2017

REGIONAL HISTORY MUSEUM - SOFIA will celebrate 139 years of the Liberation of Bulgaria with the temporary exhibition "Sofia in the dawn of freedom." The official opening is on March 1, 2017 17:00 pm.

The exhibition "Sofia in the dawn of freedom" is organized in honor of the national holiday of Bulgaria - March 3rd. It shows the artistic and physical evidence of our capital since immediately after the Liberation (1878).

Conditionally the exhibition can be divided into two parts. The first contains paintings from the art collection of Sofia History Museum. Among them are the famous works of Joseph Oberbauer depicting: the church "St. Sofia" , bazaar Kasapska, the street with Slivnishki inn, now the defunct Clock Tower of Sofia and others.

The exhibition is complemented with some items. They are made by master craftsmen and were sold on bazaar Zlatarska in Sofia.

Additionally, in the main showcase of Regional History Museum - Sofia in the lobby are exposed the samovar and sword of Panayot Hitov. They are a gift from Bulgarian revolutionary from Russian commanders for his personal contribution to the Russo-Turkish war (1877-1878).

The exhibition can be seen in the Regional History Museum - Sofia by the end of March 2017

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