145 years since the Birth ot Gotze Delchev

04 February 2017

He was born on February 4, 1872 in Kilkis in Greece. He studied at the Bulgarian Exarchate junior high school in his hometown. He graduated Bulgarian Men's High School of Thessaloniki "St. St. Cyril and Methodius "(1891), where together with Damian Gruev, Gjorce Petrov and Boris Sarafov creates a secret revolutionary circle. Then he joined the Military School in Sofia. Because participation in the socialist circle is send away just a month before his graduation (1894).

He returned to Macedonia. Since the autumn of 1894 he was appointed a teacher in Stip. Again meets Damian Gruev and both create organizational committees, collect funds for armed struggle. Participates on The Thessaloniki Congress of the IMRO (1896) in the development of organizational principles, statutes and bylaws of the organization.

In the autumn of the same year Gotze became head teacher in Bansko. Forced to leave the city, he went underground and became a professional revolutionary. Along with Dame Gruev some time is overseas representative of the organization in Sofia. Creates, organizes and manages revolutionary Institute of IMRO (1898-1899).

He died in early May 1903. His death is perceived by contemporaries and historians as one of the worst losses for IMRO. The body of Delchev was sent in Serres and is recognized by the local authorities. During the First World War his remains were moved from Michael Chakov in Bulgaria. After September 9, 1944 the new Communist government changed its policy on the Macedonian issue. Under pressure from the Soviet Union and SFR Yugoslavia bones of Gotse Delchev were handed over to Skopje.

Monument of Gotse Delchev was erected in Central Park, and one of Sofia's boulevards is named after him.

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