120 since Dimitar Yablanski was elected for major of Sofia

08 April 2017

He graduated from the Gabrovo High School (1878) and the following year he joined the newly founded Military School. During the Serbian-Bulgarian War (1885) he was appointed commander of Sofia and then Chairman of the Military Court in Plovdiv.In 1886 he left the military service and went to Paris to continue his education. He graduated from the state and business sciences (1893).

On April 8, 1897, Yablanski was elected mayor of the capital. He remained in this post until April 11, 1899. During this period contracts were signed with a French company for electrification of the city and a Belgian company for the electric tram. The Sofia Municipality finds a place for Seminary and funds for the construction of city halls and slaughterhouses. Corrections of the Perlova and Vladaya River are started, streets are regulated in the center and suburbs of Sofia.

After his retirement from the mayoralty, Yablanski attributed himself to the political, economic and literary field. Minister of Public Buildings, Roads and Public Works (1912-1913) in the Government of Ivan Geshov. Director and member of the Management Board of the insurance company Balkan (1895-1920), member of the Board of Directors of Credit Bank (1908-1917), shareholder in the companies “Isis” and “Mir”.

He organized the first survey on the situation of the industry in Bulgaria, which provides data on the number of enterprises, the capital employed, the employed workers and others. He writes economic and financial studies examining the impact of the European agricultural crisis of the late 19th century in Bulgaria, the customs policy of the country and others. Yablanski is a supporter of the agrarian orientation in the Bulgarian economy. One of the founders and regular associate of the Economic Magazine.

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