85 years since the death of Stoyan Zaimov (09.09.1932)

02 September 2017

Stoyan Stoyanov Zaimov (12.08.1853-09.09.1932) was a participant in the National Liberation Movement, an Apostle of the April Uprising of 1876, an educationalist, a public figure and a writer. He was born in Chirpan and is the father of General Vladimir Zaimov. He studied in Stara Zagora (1867-1869), where he met Vasil Levski and became a member of the Secret Revolutionary Committee. He graduated a pedagogical course in Plovdiv (1871) and was appointed teacher at the male school in Haskovo. He was one of the founders of the local Revolutionary Committee and one of its most active members. In 1874 he settled in Romania, where he met Lyuben Karavelov, Hristo Botev and other prominent representatives of the Bulgarian emigration. Zaimov is among the founders of the Giurgiu Revolutionary Committee, which prepared the April Uprising. He was appointed to be the chief Apostle of the III - Vratsa Revolutionary District. In the beginning of 1876 he returned to Bulgaria. After the outbreak of the Uprising, he was arrested and sentenced to death. Later the sentence was replaced by life-long exile in the Akya fortress, North Palestine.

Stoyan Zaimov was released on account of,, the general amnesty after the San Stefano Peace Treaty of 1878 and returned to Bulgaria. He graduated from the Pedagogical Institute in Moscow (1882). For almost 20 years he was a teacher in Shumen, Varna, Kyustendil and Sofia. He createsd textbooks and methodological guides and founded "School Review" magazine. Zaimov was a convinced Russophile and opposed the policies of Stefan Stambolov and Prince Ferdinand I. Because of this position, he was persecuted and forced to emigrate to Russia (1886-1887). In 1903-1908 he was the director of the National Library "St. St. Cyril and Methodius". He actively participated in the social and cultural life of the country. He managed different societies and committees. He spent the last decades of his life in Pleven.

Stoyan Zaimov is one of the founders of the contemporary Bulgarian memoirism. He is the author of "The Past. Volume I-IV", "Vasil Levski The Deacon. Short Biography", "The Past. Etudes on the reports of Zahari Stoyanov", "The Holy places of grateful Bulgaria - 2 parts" and others.

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